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You can Help Now by making a Donation.

Make a Donation

Direct debit To:
Australian Disaster Fund
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633 000
Account : 173 534 298
Mail Cheques to: P.O.Box 267 Lara Vic 3212

Fundraising Event

You can help by hosting a fundraising event in your community. We will work with you to make your event a success.

Fundraising Event

The funds raised in the fundraiser will be given to the victims we have in contact through the Disaster Relief Fund.


You can help us by sharing our social media posts with your followers in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. In the busy society today, it’s important to keep people informed in every way possible when a natural disaster happens.


Social media is one of the most significant tools to get our voices out to public.

Help Where and When It's Needed

We can Donate More Because of Our Volunteers.

Disaster relief is a humanitarian aid program which provides relief funds and necessary supplies to victims affected by natural disasters as well as puts resources into the hands of the underrepresented and underprivileged individuals and families who desperately need them.

Individuals and businesses donate funds, which are then directly delivered to underrepresented and underprivileged individuals and families effected by a disaster. In the past years, we have helped hundreds of children, that are underrepresented and underprivileged and their families across Australia.

In disaster regions we deliver to children and their families affected by the disaster with a wide range of goods and services including school uniforms, clothes, age appropriate books, food and living expenses.


Donations Allocated

   Administration Costs

Contact Us

If you would like more information on how you could become involved, please contact us.

Some of the actions we take for a natural disaster relief.

How We Do It


Mobilise our volunteer team to create a special task force that gathers information, assesses situation of disaster areas and coordinate with our partners.

Get Involved

Reach out and deal with victims on location in disaster areas.

Raise Funds

Set up a designated donation page and organize fundraisers to raise relief funds.


Get our voices out to public through our social media and our national and local non-profit partners and affiliates.

Financial Relief

Deliver relief funds to victims.

You Can Help Too

Direct debit To:
Australian Disaster Fund
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633 000
Account : 173 534 298
Mail Cheques to: P.O.Box 267 Lara Vic 3212



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Affected by Floods


Bushfire Affected


Homeless in 2019

National Leadership Roles

Feeding Program

We work with Schools and Primary Carers to help feed Children who are at risk.

Thousands of children in Australia live in homes without sufficient economic resources to meet basic needs such as breakfast.

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Books for Kids

Books for Kids Helps place new books into the hands of at-risk children through collaborations with schools, social service agencies, preschools, and early childhood centers.

A child's pride in learning to read is a key element in achieving literacy. By providing children with new books to keep, Books for Kids enhances the relationship between parent and child and the relationship between child and book.

To Date Books For kids has 38 Distribution Centers across Australia

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